African Market

1) Africa: The demand in Africa for used clothing is very high as the clothes purchased from our companies end up straight to the retail market of Ghana, Ivory Coast etc. The packing of these clothes are in bales of 55Kg, ready to be shipped onto 40ft containers.


The goods packed in each of our bale has to pass the quality check before being bales. The (B) grade material are separated and the damaged goods are discarded. 

2) African Shoes - We sell Original (Unsorted) shoes to our Ghana Customers. We can also sell the shoes to other African countries as per customer specification.


The shoes are of different brands as they are from the fashionable UK market. The wastage percentage of shoes in a container is minimal since damaged shoes are always discarded. Our customer state that 90% of the shoes are paired in a container, which we take pride in as this is above standards compared to other similar factories in the UK.

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